Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact – Miracle Olatunji

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The world’s most successful people tell us that having a sense of purpose in life will take you far. The two most important days in our lives are: the day we were born and the day we find out why– in other words, the day or moments when we realize and feel connected to our purpose.

But how, exactly, do you do that and how can you use your purpose to make an impact in the world?

Miracle takes readers on the journey of her miraculous birth and learning pivotal life lessons to reinforce how purpose can shape our lives, organizations, and the world. This inspiring book will help you leverage the power of purpose to guide your life decisions and goals, build impactful organizations and movements, and create change.

Inside the book you’ll learn:

* How our personal experiences shape our lives
* How to uncover your talents and unique gifts
* Ways to build effective personal and professional relationships
* Tips for self-awareness, reflection, and self-care best practices
* Stories of inspiring and influential leaders in various industries
* and more!

This book is for anyone who needs help in answering one of life’s most important questions: How do I find my life’s purpose and how do I act on it?

What are your thoughts on the book?

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